Topic: Social Media for Business Communication

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Two Page Paper Directions – Students are asked to write a two page paper to highlight a selected topic from the instructor.

Topic: Ch. 8: Social Media for Business Communication

Question: What is the best way a company should use Social Media and what are the negative effects can it have on your business when used inappropriately. (Ch.8)
Remember to:
1. Create an outline that will highlight your main points
2. Proofread and check for miss spelled words
3. Revise and take breaks from work so you don’t over work the paper
4. Choose a font for the document. Times New Roman is a popular serif font.
5. Create a typical heading, such as (example):
TO: Professor-LaShawn McCoy
FROM: Laura Doe
DATE: June 11
SUBJECT: The Importance of Feedback for Effective Communication (example) **Note that the field headers are in uppercase.
6. Remember to have a concise, clear and identified opening, body, and conclusion to your paper
7. If you’re referencing a research paper, use the author-date citation system. Include the author’s surname and the date the research paper was published within the sentence or in parentheses.
8. Please use Ch. 8 as your primary source of information. You are free to use the internet as well however reference your syllabus for questions about Academic Integrity and Plagiarism.
9. You will be deducted 5-10 points for the following errors:
a. Fundamental errors (spelling, run-on sentence etc.)
b. Poor sentence structure and comprehension errors
c. Information that is not concise, to the point and not clear
d. Incomplete thoughts
e. Wordiness

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