Topic: Sustainable Hydropower Dam Development in the Lao PDR, Case study: Mekong River Hydropower Dam

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Ninja essays to complete my master degree in China. is about Environmental Law, Research topic: Sustainable Hydropower Dam Development in the Lao PDR. Case study: Mekong River Hydropower Dam (Xayabuly).

1. Before, I ordered Ninja essays wrote me the Introduction Part of this topic, so I will send the file to you, but after my supervisor read, she had some comments:
• Needed the title of each paragraph (about 3-4 titles)
• Reference of Introduction Part

Question: How much I have to pay for this part? And please let me know by email.

2. Although, some countries have criticized about Xayabuly Dam and because I am from Lao and my office is relates to government, which is National Assembly is the representative of the rights, powers and interests of the multi-ethnic people. The National Assembly is also the legislative branch that has the right to make decisions on fundamental issues of the country, [and] to oversee the activities of the executive organs, the people’s courts and the Office of the Public Prosecutor, and NA have to make sure that after moving accommodation to another place people who lives along the Mekong River Xayabury Dam they have a good facility. However i don’t need to complain too much as some countries did, but one of the way to write is find out how do Lao government use law and solve the problem.

3. What is Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand unsatisfied about Xayabury Dam?
4. Every information must have reference (every single page, it can be from website, newspaper, ect . it can be another languages if it useful and related to the topic )

5. Totally of the paper is 8,000 words, around 29 pages but I have 4 pages of the introduction part, so I will pay for 27 pages left.
6. To follow step by step and write the essay correctly (UIBE’s structure ), I will send you the format of my friend and follow the structure.

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