Topic: The Role of Leadership in Blended Learning in Saudi

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My research about curriculum and ICT in Education , but I need to do some change on it to make it more connect with leadership and management , until now it is not far from that .

What I want now please to do to look to the my research file as I make some comments about it and highlight some point related to leadership in in starting and operating BL in Saudi especially ( Cultural difference in Sauid and lectures not want to use electronic and students who graduate from e learning could not find job, SEU will be the only leading for E learning in Saudi next year and will more students join SEU ) and who the leaders will deal with all this problem at SEU by doing questionnaires and interview for them.
You will have to change the questions and aims and significance of the research , also the participant will be only leaders.

The title at the end need to be change and I want you to change the first chapter only then If my supervioser agree we can move to another one.
I will attached a thesis from US it might help you especially in research questions or the first chapter .

Now start in the first chapter only and send it to me as soon as possible please .

I need your help at this point please as this is really important for me and I will pay some pages for you to make the change ,

Please If you can make this change as soon as possible as I am really late for doing data collection

Please look to files attached and the comments in word file and the thisi I attached It will really help you .
I also submitted my master dissertation about SEU leaders facing difficult on DL as when they start they used to teach DL but you can change it to BL .

It might help you also as start point in the first part of my research and refer to what I said and found in the result in my master desertion without mention DL

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