Topic: Trade Mark Law ( Exam )

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1.The writer must answer ALL questions.

2.Candidates should, where relevant, support their answers by reference to the provisions of the Trade Marks Act 1995 (Cth) , the Trade Marks Regulations 1995 (Cth) and decided cases.

3.The writer can use another resources ( website ) to answer the questions.

4. The writer must cite authority for the points you make in the answers. All citations should be in footnotes, Please note that any discussion in footnotes will be disregarded .

5.The writer should use AGLC ( Australian Guide to Legal Citation )+ must use footnotes, the number of footnotes should be more than 30 footnotes, I will provide the document about the citation.
6.The word count of each answer should be 750 words maximum.
7.No plagiarism please , the similarity should be less 15%.

8- The answers should be clear.

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