This assignment requires you to write a 1000 word original advice to the following scenario

To raise viewing figures and advertising revenue globally for the finale of his TV show “You’re Hired”, Simon has arranged for the boy band No Direction to perform their latest single live on stage for a fee of £250,000 for each member. He is aware that Payn, one of the band members is unhappy and hopes that a payment of £250,000 for the performance will help him to become more settled. Unfortunately prior to the performance Payn has a heated argument with his fiancée Terry and overcome with emotion leaves the stage during the performance.

Liz , a free-lance journalist at the front of the stage does not hear Zayn run up behind her as she is not wearing her hearing aids and although she knows her shoes are too big , she is wearing her best 5 inch heals and as he rushes past Zayn causes her to fall and break her wrist. As a consequence she is unable to work for six weeks and loses income of £5,000 from an article she was due submit to American Vogue.
Simon asks you to advise Payn whether he has any defense against his responsibilities to Liz under the tort of negligence

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