Towards an effective appraisal system: A teacher's perspective

Towards an effective appraisal system: A teacher’s perspective
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This is a Masters thesis of 20,000 (no more than that). I would like the whole thesis completed. The word count does not include referencing and tables; but obviously I would like all that included as I would like the finished product. Please find attached a number of documents to help complete this assignment. They are not intended to specify but only to aid and guide. I attach the original questionnaire and the results of the survey. Those results are in two forms. ‘Summary data’ and ‘all responses’. They are also in a number of formats which includes pdf’s, excel and comma deleted excel format for you to transfer directly to statistical analysis packages eg. SPSS. I also include an outline of my thesis structure. This is only meant as a guide to the key content that is expected to be included. I have attached the original outline to my supervisor; that he accepted. There is a document entitled ‘masters assessment criteria’ that my University supplies so that you can see what is required. There is one final document entitled ‘ How may teacher appraisal…’. This was the subject of my second assignment (a critique). It has a load of references that I was going to examine for this main thesis. You may find this useful. Obviously do not plagiarise quotes from the article as I have already used it in my previous writing. But referencing different areas of those articles would be fine, as well as your own! If you have any trouble finding articles let me know as I can send them to you as a pdf if needed. I have previously attained distinctions in my two previous assignments so would like to maintain that level. They counted for 25% each and this thesis is worth 50% of the overall assessment. Unfortunately family bereavement means I need to defer the course or do this! Thank you for your help. Please feel free to ask any questions, or anything. I will add my own content but don’t have time to write it all. So do not worry too much about the layout. if you want to send me various sections as you complete that would be great.

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