travel diary

Students will create a travel diary imagining a journey originating from the Arabian Peninsula (Oman or Yemen) and following the Silk Road traveling East or West. Students will imagine they are traveling at the time along the routes and will document their journey, including tracking the diffusion of items, ideas, and technologies from the Arabian region.

In their travel diary, students will identify each city on the route they took on a map of their journey. Among the cities they visit, they should describe two major trading hubs of their choice. In addition, they should describe two commodities, two technologies, and two ideas that they found along their route. Students will explain in detail how these items influenced the standard of living during those times. They should also discuss any challenges that arose during their trip.

The diary should include around 750 – 1000 words written from a perspective of a traveler (1st person singular) and include photos and illustrations. Try to use some new software, such as iBook. Remember that this is a chance to use your imagination.

Report Guidelines
1. Individual project
2. Cover/Title Page if submitted on paper; software use and submissions in form of i-book are recommended
3. 750 – 1000 words . 12 pt Times Roman Font, 1 inch margins and cited correctly
4. Although this is a creative project, it must be based on research. Include a bibliography identifying at least 5 primary or secondary sources you used to learn about travel in those days. Use proper APA style.
5. Should include a map, pictures and other interesting illustrations
6. Should be free of grammar errors

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