Unit 21: Human Resource Management

Unit 21: Human Resource Management
Task 4:
(a) Identify the reasons for cessation of employment with an organisation
(Covers AC4.1)
(Guidance: family obligations, medical ground, death, retirement age,
unsatisfactory working conditions, unfair treatment, securing a more attractive
position elsewhere, inappropriate management style, insecurity of employment)
(b) Describe the employment exit procedures used by two organisations of your
choice. (Covers AC4.2)
(Guidance: Exit procedures may include: 1. A resignation letter duly signed is
submitted to the line manager. 2. The HR department writes to the employee to
arrange for an exit interview and enclose an exit questionnaire to be filled and
used at the interview.3. The HR department sends a confirmation of service
form to complete and return. The form is retained in the employee’s file for any
reference letter to be given by the board.4 .The interview is an independent one
conducted by an HR staff in strict confidence.
(c) Consider the impact of the legal and regulatory framework on HRM and
employment cessation arrangements. (Covers AC4.3 & AC1.4)
Guidance: You have to explain how the various legislations (Laws) affect HR
practices. Examples fo some legislations are: Equal opportunity, antidiscrimination
;Equal pay equal work, health and safety, age discrimination,
diversity ETC
Guidance: the legal and regulatory framework for termination of employment
places an obligation on both employees and the employers.
According to the Employment Right Act (1996)
Both have to give notice in advance according to the employment contract or
according to the law of termination of employment.
The law places liability of employers to pay to the employee in case of
infringement of the law.
The law places obligation on employers to pay in full for absences from work on
the ground of sickness or injury.

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