Watch and Write Assignment 6: Civil Rights

After watching the video, “Crash Course: Civil Rights,” answer the following questions.
1. What were the two reasons for the “consensus culture” in the 1950s?
2. According to John, what was different about the economic prosperity of the 1950s from previous periods of economic expansion?
3. What faults did David Riesman, author of “The Lonely Crowd,” find with the 1950s?
4. What groups were left out of the affluence of the 1950s? In what ways were those groups left out?
5. Who was Earl Warren? What two jobs did he hold and why were they important?
6. Give examples of the “massive resistance” in the South to desegregation.
7. What did Rosa Parks do prior to her involvement with the bus boycott in Montgomery, Alabama?
8. According to John, what was the rate of integration of public schools after the US Supreme Court declared segregation unconstitutional?

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