Watch and Write: Ideology

After watching the Crash Course video “Ideology,” answer the following questions. I would encourage you to answer them as you watch the video and feel free to pause the video in order to answer questions fully.

1. What is the convenient short-hand Craig uses to understand the differences between liberals and conservatives?
2. According to the video, what do American conservatives believe?
3. Where do libertarians and conservatives differ in their opinions?
4. What do American liberals believe?
5. What are the four agents of socialization the video discusses?
6. How do our families influence our opinions?
7. How does economic self-interest influence our opinions on taxes and government spending?
8. What is the problem of using economic self-interest to explain differences in opinion on taxes and government spending?
9. What are the two ways higher levels of education influence individual opinions?
10. According Craig, what accounts for the differences in opinions between those who lived through the Great Depression and those who came of age during the presidency of Ronald Reagan?

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