Weekly Reflection

Weekly Reflection

Week 4 Reflection

Reflections #4: “Communicating after Adverse Events – the Apology” (PS 105 – Lesson 4) and “To Communicate or Not to Communicate” (PS 105 – Lesson 5)

On Tuesday, June 9, 2015 MD Anderson faculty and staff were notified of distressing news about a physician being investigated for allegations related to the possession of child pornography. MD Anderson held a press conference on the evening of June 9, which was covered by the media – including KTRK Channel 13. The Houston Chronicle reported on the story on June 10 and again on June 12. (see attached document for these communications)

As you read the internal communications, watch the KTRK Channel 13 video – which includes clips from the MD Anderson press conference, and read the news articles pay close attention to communications from MD Anderson individuals.

Consider the four components of an apology, psychologist Aaron Lazare’s 10 healing mechanisms associated with an apology and the positions of the individuals issuing the apology.

What components of an apology can you identify from the material presented here? What components are missing?
Which of Lazare’s 10 healing mechanisms can you identify in the MD Anderson internal and external communications about this event? How might these help parents of patients and patients of this physician heal?
Pay attention to who is issuing the communications. Do you think the right people are engaged in communicating about this event? Why or why not?
Do you think MD Anderson did the right thing in communicating about this event internally and to the press? Why or why not?

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