Which marketing principles will a company need to utilise prior to making the decision to do business in overseas markets and why?

Which marketing principles will a company need to utilise prior to making the decision to do business in overseas markets and why?
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The H6 SUV – Coming soon to the UK

The H6 – A History

The H6 SUV is the next vehicle from Great Wall Motors to come to UK shores, following the launch of the Steed pick-up. It is already the bestselling SUV in China and outsells many of the established Japanese and European brands.

On the back of this unprecedented success, the H6 is due to go on sale throughout Europe..

The H6 – Development

By delivering form with function, rigorous safety matched by luxurious comfort, state-of-the-art technology that is simple to use, and power on the road that’s complemented by exceptional performance an outstanding economy, the development of the H6 had an aim of creating an incomparable driver experience.

The H6 Interior

The inside of the H6 is designed with comfort in mind. With heated leather seats, a Bluetooth-enabled stereo and many other high-specifications as standard, it is one of the most affordable vehicles to offer such features.
The H6 Load Space

As with the Steed, the H6 is designed to tackle heavy loads. With a spacious boot that can be split into two compartments, it can carry large amounts while still leaving space for the family to travel in complete comfort.

Source: https://greatwallmotor.co.uk/vehicles/coming-soon/
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China’s Great Wall: ‘UK sales crucial’

Production set to begin in Bulgaria; UK sales push from 2015
Chinese car maker Great Wall Motors has officially confirmed that the UK plays a key role in its plans to begin production and sales of selected models within the Europe Union.

In an interview at the recent Guangzhou motor show, the company’s marketing director, Wang Shihui, confirmed Great Wall Motors was close to finalizing a new production plant in Lowetsch, Bulgaria that will provide the basis for a concerted sales push in the UK from 2015 onwards.

Set to go into commission next February, the first Chinese car maker to establish a production base in Europe will assemble the Great Wall Motors Voleex C10 for sale in Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey – initially at a conservative rate of just 8000 cars per year but planned to rise to 50,000 annually by 2015.

In the second phase of its plan to further infiltrate the European car market, Wang says Great Wall Motors has identified Norway, Sweden and England as potential key markets. “We want to go into these markets, the faster, the better,” Wang told Germany’s Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung.

Along with the Voleex C10, Great Wall Motors is also planning to assemble the Hover H5 SUV and Steed at its new Bulgarian plant.

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Source: https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/chinas-great-wall-uk-sales-crucial

Assessment Criteria:
Demonstrate a good understanding of why organisations export and do business overseas and discuss the key issues behind the decision making process (30%) (This should include size of the domestic market, key competitors in domestic market, market share, and key factors in the domestic marketing- please use graphs and charts- so what does this imply for Great Wall?) )
Produce an analysis of the UK motor sector that will be very important for Great Wall when entering the market place. (20%) (How big is the UK car market? What is it worth? Is it growing? Who are they key competitors? Please use graphs and charts – so what does this mean for Great Wall?
Advice Great Wall who would be their key competitors based on market research. (20%)

(Detail what market segment(s) Great Wall would compete within, who would be their key competitors and why?)
Awareness of the risks encountered by organisations (20%) (These could financial risks, a lack of understanding of the new market place, their potential customers etc.)
An ability to structure a coherent, critical and balanced argument (10%)
Present discussion and analysis in an appropriate critical report format, which is well typed and referenced (10%)

Notes to students: Although the case study is about Great Wall in order to answer the question fully please use other examples to reinforce your argument.
Your response should be 2500 words (+/- 10%) (. (This excludes any references and diagrams). You may also have appendices of up to 500 words which is not included in your overall word count)

Please read the resoures which i give you in the requirements and do more analysis. thank you very much!

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