xperiment with measuring a triangle,

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In this lab, you will experiment with measuring a triangle, and perform measurements on household cylindrical objects in order to determine the value of Pi. You will then compute the error involved in your measurements and discuss possible reasons why the errors occurred.

For at-home hands on labs, the Lab Report grading rubric is as follows:

Presentation: 15 points

Abstract: 10 points

Objective: 5 points

Hypothesis: 5 points

Equipment* 5 points

Procedure: 10 points

Data and Results*: 15 points

Conclusion: 20 points

Total: 85 points = 100%

* YOU MUST include a PHOTOGRAPH of your apparatus in this section. I will not accept your lab report without a PHOTOGRAPH of your apparatus. IF YOU SUBMIT YOUR REPORT WITHOUT A PHOTOGRAPH, YOU WILL RECEIVE A ZERO GRADE.

You are encouraged to post questions in the Lab Lounge Discussion Forum.

I expect a strong, scientific, and detailed conclusion that EXPLAINS the results of your experiment, your UNDERSTANDING of the results, and how these results correspond the theory you learned from the respective chapter

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