5. Organization structure 3types of structure:

6. Communication plan (communication planning, information distribution, Performance report could be showing in this section as well, administrative closure)
7.Resource (human resources, location etc)
• Resource Estimation – Techniques & Tools – Multiple techniques should be applied – Choices: – Expert judgment and past performance data – Estimation data available from market research firms – Alternative analysis processes – Bottom-up estimating – Brainstorming – Mind mapping – MS Project – “Resource Sheet”
• Resource sheet has to include

Duration and Effort – Duration: time that elapses between the start and finish of an activity, including any interruptions (holidays; weekends; sickness; etc.)
Effort: actual time required to perform an activity excluding interruptions

– Resource Management
– -Estimating – Activity resource estimating – Identifies what resources are required for each activity – Activity duration estimating
– – Determines time required of resource to perform specific activity
7.WBS+ GANTT chart (WBS has to always come with GANTT chart)

• WBS (for each work package, has to have a WBA work dictionary)
9.Network diagram

10.List of deliverables (ps: this part should not s appear in WBS!!!!)
• Admission closures
11.Quality Management plan: The process of identifying relevant quality standards and developing a plan to ensure the project meets those standards

– Where do you focus? – How do you measure? – What is the return on investment?

12.Risk register: – A formal recording of all project risks, explaining the nature of the risk and management of the risk

New or different project management methodologies
– Different: – cultures – organisation structures – human resources
Outsourcing / Offshoring – risks –
Positives: – Expanded skill set availability – Cheaper labour – Reduced requirements for non-core competencies –
Negatives: – Internal resistance • Possible solutions to reduce risk: – Ensure strong upper management support – Select the right personnel – Involve managers early in the outsourcing process – Educate and reassure internal employees
Risk Management Planning – A systematic approach to planning the risk management activities of a given project

Risk Management Planning – Inputs
– Enterprise environmental factors – Attitudes toward risk and risk tolerance –
– organizational process assets – Processes in place to handle risk
– Project scope statement – Defining the project
– –Project management plan – Project summary document

Risk Response Planning – Tools & Techniques –
Avoidance – Identified risks are avoided through a different course of action –
Transference – Transfer of risk to another party through the use of contracts –
Mitigation – Steps are taken to reduce the occurrence or impact of stated risks –
Acceptance – Risks are accepted and contingency strategies are planned
Risk Management Planning – Tools & Techniques:
– Risk planning meetings:
ex: Senior managers, project team leaders, stakeholders, project members with decision-making responsibilities – Development of specific risk management plans – Inclusion of risk-related items in budget and schedule – Creation of risk management templates

Risk Management Planning – Outputs
– Risk Management Plan
ex: Methodology or approach to risk management – Roles and responsibilities of project members – Risk management budget – Integration of risk management activities into project life cycle – Scoring and interpretation of risk analysis – Risk thresholds – Reporting formats – Tracking
Risk Identification The process of identifying potential risks to a project and documenting them
Risk Categories – Defined in a Risk Register – A formal recording of all project risks, explaining the nature of the risk and management of the risk

You will be assessed on the following criteria:
-Demonstrated ability to APPLY all areas of PMBOX covered in the course to a specific project with the above characteristics.
-Demonstrated ability to integrate the various components of a project plan into a coherent whole
-Demonstrated ability to communicate the relevance and importance of each components of the project plan to the company implementing the project through explanatory text in your project plan.
-Demonstrated ability to present a plan in business report format.
It is essential that your project plan is specific to the project that is to be implemented, please state any and all assumptions that your make.

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