Alternative Energy Final Draft

Alternative Energy Final Draft

Paper details:

Please revise the paper according to the notes and review written by the instructor beside each paragraph. The paper should be 6-7 pages in length. Also please include a separate response to review file. A typed ‘Response to Review’ = explanation for any substantial revisions made to the paper. Each revision item should be listed in a separate bullet point. Each bullet point should describe the problem highlighted in your first draft and then state what text was added/modified to address it. Use complete sentences for the explanation. Typos and sentence rewording do not count as substantial and do not need to be addressed here.

Example bullet point for ‘Response to Review’:

Conclusion paragraph in first submission lacked strong structure. The conclusion has been rewritten (page 7) to start with a rephrasing of the thesis statement, followed by a summary of the main arguments used to support the thesis, and ending with a broad statement about the importance of preserving riparian habitat to ensure ecosystem sustainability. The first submission conclusions contained new material that was not discussed in the body of the paper; this new material has been removed from the revised conclusion paragraph.

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