write an academic paper that includes 1) an introduction 2) review of relevant literature, up to 400words, 3) clear data analysis with novel and new examples and 4) a brief conclusion, on the following topic:

Explore cultural conceptualisations of one or two emotion categories (for example ‘happiness’, ‘anger’, ‘love’, or ‘sadness’) in a language you are familiar with by drawing on the analytical tools of Cultural Linguistics. In particular, examine cultural metaphors that may be associated with such emotions (e.g., HEART AS THE SEAT OF EMOTIONS).

This is an academic paper. You are expected to include a minimum of 10 references.

· Word limit: 2500 words (+/- 10%, excluding the references)
· Criteria for Marking:

1. Evidence of engagement with the theoretical framework or concepts;

2. In-depth and critical understanding of the framework;

3. Integration of novel examples and academic literature;

4. Structure and organisation of the paper;

5. Clarity of expressions;

6. Evidence of sufficient references and of appropriate referencing style.

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