Assessment item 1 — Online Quiz

This assessment must be completed by all students.
This assessment item relates to the course learning outcomes listed 1 – 3 as stated in the Course Profile.
Students must complete the timed online quiz usingWileyPlus (access is a required part of the purchase of your textbook). You will need to ensure that you are familiar with using WileyPlus before you attempt this assessment. Please refer to the information on Moodle for assistance with using WileyPlus. Here are the recommended web links for students, for your convenience:
• General Student Support page for WileyPLUS:
• WileyPLUS Troubleshooting tips:
• FAQs:
Before you commence the assessment quiz you are advised to try the ‘sample’ quizzes found for each chapter in WileyPlus. These end of chapter quizzes can be found under the ‘Read, Study & Practice’ section of WileyPlus.
The Assessment 1 quiz will contain 20 questions which will be either/or a combination of multiple choice, true/false or short answer questions (predominantly multiple choice). The questions relate to the textbook chapters as follows: Ch17 – 5 questions, Ch18 – 5 questions, Ch19 – 5 questions, Ch15 – 5 questions. Please refer to the marking scheme below for details of the grading of this assessment.
You will need a calculator as some of the questions may be practical.
The quiz is timed for sixty (60) minutes. Please pay particular attention to the time and ensure that you submit BEFORE your allocated time limit is up, otherwise you will be scored zero for the quiz.
You can only attempt the online quiz once. Each question can only be attempted once. You cannot start the quiz and then exit, and come back to it later. You must finish the quiz once you have started it. You cannot print out the quiz prior to completing it.
The quiz must be completed individually. The questions are randomly generated so that all students should complete the quiz with different questions. Each question can also be generated with a different set of values and figures, so that each quiz is unique for each student. The quiz is open book, which means you can use your textbook to assist you in completing the questions.
You will have immediate feedback on your results of the quiz as it is marked electronically by WileyPlus. Ensure that you pay attention to any directions that Wileyplus provides you, particularly regarding the format in which you must answer your questions.
No extensions are available for the quiz as it is completed in WileyPlus. This includes misreading of the quiz availability time period or commencing the term late.
If you experience technical difficulties, you must immediately document this (such as taking a screen shot or a photo on your mobile phone) and email this to your course coordinator as soon as possible. You must document how far through the quiz you were at the time of the technical problem. If you do not have this documentation, you will be scored a zero (did not submit) for this assessment. For any general technical issues, you can also access WileyPlus support at This includes an online live chat service that is generally available 24/7.
Points to Note:
• You should be able to complete this quiz after you have completed the work in Week 4. You will need to have completed all work up to and including Week 4 before you can complete the quiz successfully. This means that it is possible to complete the quiz up to two weeks earlier than the due date. You are encouraged to complete the quiz early, as NO extensions are able to be granted in WileyPlus. If you do not submit on time, you will score a zero (did not submit) for this assessment.
• The quiz MUST BE completed electronically through WileyPlus. As specified in the Course Profile, it is a course requirement that you have access to WileyPlus as part of your textbook purchase. You will find in Moodle that there is a powerpoint presentation on how to use WileyPlus, prepared by the textbook publishers.
• Ensure that you complete the assignment BEFORE the due date, as there is no possibility for an extension in WileyPlus. Make sure you familiarise the due date this term as it may have changed to that in previous terms (and may be different to those mentioned in the recorded lectures from previous terms). You should use the due dates set in the Course Profile for this term only.
• You will have immediate feedback about your result in WileyPlus. You do not have to enter anything into Moodle – your result from WileyPlus will be transferred to Moodle by the Course Coordinator after the due date.
• Students are advised that further information may be available on Moodle or WileyPlus for this course to help with completion of this assignment. It is each student’s responsibility to access this information and to use it while completing this assessment.
Marking Scheme – Term 2, 2016
Weighting (%)
Online Randomly Generated Questions
Online Randomly Generated Questions
Online Randomly Generated Questions
Online Randomly Generated Questions
Total for Assessment 1

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