Biology (and other Life Sciences)

Biology (and other Life Sciences)
Answer all questions and please include references and citations thanks.

1. A) Describe the path one a pair of electrons, during the light reactions, starting with the electron donor molecule (water) until they are given to NADPH. B) What is the purpose of the electron transport from Photosystem II to Photosystem I? C) What is the final purpose of those electrons, where does NADPH take them to?
2. A) Can the Calvin Cycle run at night? B) List two (2) products of the light reaction that are necessary for Calvin cycle, or so called “dark-reaction”.
3. A) Explain the function of the enzyme Rubisco in the Calvin cycle. B) What problem does Rubisco present? C) Explain the two ways in which plants have solved that problem (CAM & C4)?
4. A) Explain 5 adaptations that allowed plants to colonize terrestrial environments and B) name the plant groups where each adaptation first appeared.
5. Explain A) the general trend observed in the haplodiplontic cycle as we go from Bryophytes (mosses) to angiosperms and B) why you think it is adaptive.
6. As plants colonized terrestrial environments, they continued to depend on water for reproduction (such ferns). A) Explain two adaptations present in gymnosperms and angiosperms that allowed them reproduce without relying on water. B) Explain the main two adaptations unique to angiosperms that allowed them to dominate terrestrial environments.

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