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must be combo REPORT and POWERPOINT

‘student needs to write a 1500-word report which discusses the plan in detail. Also, you need to submit 5-10 PowerPoint slides summarising your plan’

COMBO ORDER: coursework 6 pages and ppt for 7 slides.

1.2 EXAM

• You will have to take the exam if your grade is RA, RE, DA or DE.
• You will be required to answer three questions in two hours.
• It is your responsibility to find out when and where the exam will take place.
• The revision lecture which is available on the Module site shows the topics, articles and chapters you need to revise.


You will have to submit a written report and to submit PowerPoint slides if your grade is DC, RC, DA or RA

Choose a brand, from either a service or product sector. You can choose a brand from anywhere in the world. Your task is to propose a brand transformation plan for a real-world business problem. Each student needs to write a 1500-word report which discusses the plan in detail. Also, you need to submit 5-10 PowerPoint slides summarising your plan.

The plan should include:
– SWOT analysis
SWOT analysis is a useful technique for understanding the brand’s Strengths and Weaknesses, and for identifying both the Opportunities open to it and the Threats it faces. The purpose of this section is to answer a number of questions such as: How can you (i.e., the brand you have chosen) use your strengths to take advantage of your biggest opportunities? How can you use your strengths to overcome your biggest threats? What can you do to reduce or eliminate your weaknesses to make the most of the opportunities available? How can you minimize your weaknesses, so that you are better positioned to overcome your threats?
Note: When performing the SWOT analysis, the most careful attention should be paid to brand-related factors.

– Drivers of brand choice
This idea is to explore how consumers might choose between different brands within a product category. Qualitative consumer research leads the way to identifying the different drivers of choice in the product category as well as the market spaces. Engagement with academic literature/findings to support your argument would be useful.

– Market space and target audience
With a full understanding of the market spaces established, the next step involves selecting the market spaces that are most attractive and feasible for the brand to target and own. The goal is to identify specific opportunities that are financially attractive and also available to capture.

– Strategic direction
With reference to the same company you have chosen, you are required to identify one strategic direction for the firm. The aim is to define a new brand-value proposition, a new brand personality, and a relevant brand identity. Then you need to translate the new brand-value proposition into specific execution steps.

– Communication plan
The output of this stage is a communication plan. You need to consider how to develop an integrated communication program, choose the best options, and manage the relationships between them. You should “mix and match” communication options to build brand equity that is, choose a variety of different communication options that share common meaning and content but also offer different, complementary advantages so that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

• By 1pm 19th August 2016, a hardcopy of the written report and the PowerPoint slides must be submitted to the Student Office. Also an electronic copy of the report and the PowerPoint slides must be submitted online.

• To submit the electronic copy you need to go to myunihub/MKT2236/topic list/ SUBMIT RESIT COURSEWORK/PRESENTATION.

• The report should be 1.5 line spaced, written using font size 12, Arial. The report should be bound with a single staple at the top left hand corner, and referenced appropriately throughout.

• The front page of your report should clearly state your name, student number, and module title and number.

• The report word limit is 1500 (+/-10%).

• The PowerPoint presentation should have between 5 and 10 slides. All what you need is to submit the slides and you don’t have to do a presentation.

• You are required to add notes to the slides explaining each slide so we understand the content of each slide.

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