career program proposal

career program proposal
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Career Program Proposal
Research and design a career development or education program proposal for a selected
population. Imagine that this would be a program that you would actually go out and
implement with your chosen population. Create a PowerPoint presentation that includes 1
to 2 slides for each of the criteria below:

I. Select a client population that would be appropriate for a career development or
education program. Examples of (but not limited to) appropriate populations
include college freshman, high school seniors, elementary students, people
transitioning to new careers, and the recently unemployed.

II. Determine the needs and characteristics of the population using peer- reviewed and
scholarly resources. Use academic journals such as (but not limited to) the
Journal of Counseling and Development, Career Development Quarterly, Journal
of Career Assessment, Journal of Counseling Psychology, or Journal of Vocational

III. Write three clear and measurable objectives that your population will achieve as
a result of attending your program.

IV. Determine how you will deliver the career development or education program.
Whether it is a workshop, online program, or other delivery system, you will
have to justify why this is the best way to reach and deliver this program to your
population. Include in the proposal the type of setting proposed and a rationale
for using this setting.

V. Determine the content of the program and provide an outline of the content. When
participants take part in your program, what will they be doing and what content
will they be learning?

VI. Determine the cost of your program. Provide the basic costs of your program.
Are there facilitator, material, and/or facility costs?

VII. How will you begin to promote and explain your services? How you will plan to
explain and promote the program to potential funders? Additionally, provide a
brief marketing plan to get the word out to possible participants.

VIII. How will you evaluate the program? How will you know if you were successful
in delivering the program? How will you know if the participants benefitted?
How will you generate feedback that will help you improve the program in the
future? How will you use positive feedback from participants? (Niles & HarrisBowlsbey,

Include a title slide and references. An example presentation can be found on Blackboard
and in the textbook. Submit the PowerPoint through Blackboard in the Assignments

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