city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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Go outside and be a flâneur in your city and write about your experiences.

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Directions: Go outside and walk and be a flâneur. Remember, this is not just simply people watching; try to be a detached-yet-contemplative observer with no particular agenda or destination. Wander the city (or your town) for an hour or so and experience the environment using all of your senses (in order to be free of distractions you will need to take those headphones off and leave your phone at home!!).

You will likely experience many things that are generally unnoticed by most people. A flâneur not only uses sensory experience to understand the urban environment, but he or she also philosophically reflects on these things. Why are things the way they are? How long has this been here? What is the purpose of this? Etc.

Some people use an amusing method of going in the direction that street lights take them (if the light is red then they cross the intersection at the pedestrian crosswalk and head in that direction. Whatever you decide, the idea is to wander the city with not other purpose but to observe and experience whatever you may come across

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