CJ 524 Learning Activity 3

CJ 524 Learning Activity 3

Order Description
Unit 3 Learning Activity
Instructions: Read each of scenarios below and make recommendations that the Probation
Officer should take to ensure that the offender is correctly supervised based on the Probation Order (page 2).

Scenario One: Anti-Theft Course
The offender has been sentenced to 2 years probation with special conditions to complete an Anti-Theft course and restitution in the amount of $3200 to Macy’s department store. The
offender has completed 18 months of supervision and successfully paid the restitution as ordered. When conducting a review of the case, the probation officer notices that the offender has yet to enroll in the Anti-Theft course. What should the probation officer do?

Scenario Two: Armed Robbery
The offender is 42 years old and has an active criminal record for various charges of drug possession, burglary and assault. The offender has been sentenced to probation three times.
The offender’s current charge is armed robbery and he is sentenced to 18 months in jail followed by five years probation. The offender has missed three months of reporting to his probation officer out of the past six months. The offender has also moved twice without notifying the probation officer as required. What should the probation officer do?

Probation Order
During the period of probation, the defendant is ordered to comply with the following conditions of probation:
1. Do not violate any Federal, State or local law.
2. Avoid injurious or vicious habits.
3. Avoid persons or places of disreputable or harmful character.
4. Report to the Probation Office as directed.
5. Permit the Probation Officer to visit him at his home or elsewhere.
6. Work faithfully at suitable employment as far as possible.
8. Support his dependents to the best of his ability.
9. Do not change residence or employment without the consent of the Probation Officer.
10. Submit to substance abuse tests when ordered to do so by Probation Officer. These tests shall include urinalysis, breathalyzer, and blood samples, but not limited thereto. Probationer will pay costs of tests.
11. Submit to search by the Probation Officer of his person, residence, vehicle, or any property
under his control.
12. Pay to the Probation Officer a monthly supervision fee during the probation period in the amount authorized by law.

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