Directions: Respond to the prompt below in a 500-700 word essay. The essay should cite no fewer than three sources from the reading list below. Use MLA format, including a Works Cited page and properly formatted in-text citations that are formatted with signal phrase + paraphrase + parenthetical note. You should also use forms of the Academic Moves templates.

PROMPT: Many people are concerned about declining communication skills and blame this problem on the use of texting and social media. Some high schools now even offer classes on face to faceinteraction. What are your thoughts on this issue? Do you think the use of social media and texting has limited the ways in which people communicate and damaged people’s use of the English language or have these uses merely enlarged our social interaction and vocabulary? After reading and analyzing the articles below, choose three and compose an essay that addresses these viewpoints and include your own viewpoint, agreeing or disagreeing with the dangers of electronic communication.

Reading List: from Everyone’s an Author “2b or not 2b” p. 745,
? “Mind over Mass Media” p. 893
? “We, Robots” p. 835,
from They Say/ I Say
? “Is Digital Communication Good or Bad_ or Both?” p. 167,
and attached article “FOCROFLOL: Is Texting Damaging Our Language Skills?”

Copy and paste the above URL into your web browser. You will reach the blog homepage. From there, you can put the title is texting damaging our language skills in the search box, and you will reach the article. See the screenshot below.

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