Critical Essay

Topic: Critical Essay

Paper details:

Scenario: A well-designed position description should clearly articulate the individual’s role and performance expectations. Research and critically analyse how this will assist you as a manager to create a culture of teamwork and performance excellence, including how recognition and reward management influence behaviour.

This critical essay should answer the 15 questions :

1.what are the topics covered in lectures 5, 8 and 10?
(5 topic- reward and remuneration
8 topic-teamwork and performance management
10 topic-designing jobs to enhance performance)

2.what is a position description?
3. what makes a well- designed position description?
4. how can we define an individual’s role?
5. what are some performance expectations of an individual?
6. what does teamwork mean?
7. how can a manager create a culture of teamwork?
8. what is performance?
9. what does performance excellence mean?
10. How can a manager create a culture of performance exellence?
11. what is recognition and reward management?
12. how can recognition and reward management influence behavioural?
13. What is organisational culture?
14.what is the role of a position description and how this assists in creating an organisational culture that impacts the success of performance?
15. what challenges may impact the success of performance?

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