Critically evaluate the research undertaken in the journal article and a dissertation proposal

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task one:
This assignment requires you to select a published research paper from an academic, peer-reviewed journal, the paper should cover a business, management or economic topic. The paper must be based upon primary research, i.e. upon research data gathered by the authors of the journal, rather than upon an analysis of data gathered previously by others. Advice and guidance on how to search and ensure you have selected a suitable paper will be provided in the Assignment 1 Workshop on Friday the 22nd. Individual students are encouraged to pick a journal article well before the assignment deadline, so they can make sure they are comfortable with its content.

You then need to critically evaluate the research. This evaluation should cover:
1. What the aims and objective of the research are.
2. What research approach and philosophy is employed. Is the approach and philosophy appropriate for the aim of the research and why?
3. The strengths and/or weaknesses of the specific research methods used and their implementation in the research. You might wish to comment on, for example, sampling issues, interview techniques, questionnaire design, data analysis etc.

You should make reference to theory and literature on research methods to support and underpin your analysis and discussion. These sources should be referenced using the Harvard referencing scheme.

task two:
Assignment task(s)
This assignment requires you to formulate a research aim to address a business or management issue to form the basis of your dissertation, and research question(s)/hypotheses and research methods to study that research aim and question(s). You may choose to use purely secondary research methods, if appropriate. You within the assignment you must:

1. Present your research aim and research question(s).
2. Discuss the key area/s of literature upon which your dissertation/thesis will draw and identify how your research will contribute to scholarly knowledge of the topic
3. Detail your research methodology and strategy (e.g. inductive/deductive; positivist/interpretivist; qualitative/quantitative etc.) and state why these choices are appropriate to your research aim.
4. Detail your specific research methods (e.g. telephone interviews, postal questionnaire survey) and why these are appropriate to your research aim.
5. Identify the possible limitations and the likely ethical issues of your chosen methods, problems you might encounter in implementing them, and suggest how you might address these.
6. NOTE: If you are proposing to use only secondary research you must (Failure to do so with result in a H grade):
a. Explain and evaluate your choice of secondary research as the sole research method, and
b. Identify the sources of data that you intend to use.
c. Evaluate the research methods used to generate at least one of the secondary data sets you identified above.

The assignment should act as a standalone assignment; as such it will be marked independently from the dissertation that is being proposed. It is therefore imperative the assignment includes enough detail for the marker to understand what is being proposed. Therefore it is not simply enough to say statistical/qualitative analysis will be used without explaining what form of analysis will be used and how it will answer the research question(s) proposed. A good indicator as to whether it contains enough detail is that a marker who is not aware of your proposal beforehand, should be able to undertake your proposed project and analysis after reading your proposal.

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