cultural or religious group of people

1. Describe and explain the cultural overview of your selected group (i.e. orientation to time and space)2. What are the keys to a good professional relationship with the selected group?
3. Explain how medical decisions are made in the cultural group selected.
4. Make suggestions for determining individual etiquette, beliefs and practices when treating a patient from the selected cultural group.
5. What are some of the specific health problems and concerns common to the selected cultural group?
6. What are the Folk or Spiritual beliefs common to the culture?
7. What are (if any) religious thoughts that affect health beliefs and practices?
8. Write a separate DO’s and DON’Ts list when working with this cultural group (bullets) TO BE TURNED IN ON A SEPARATE SHEET OF PAPER. This does not count towards the 7 page minimum length requirement for the paper.

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