dementia friendly communities

dementia friendly communities

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Summative Assessment

Type of Summative assignment: A 3,000 word essay (100% of mark)


A 3,000 word case study critically evaluating the care of a person with dementia

Minimum pass mark is 40%
Aims of Assignment:
A critical analysis and evaluation of an aspect of care given to an individual or group of people with dementia and their carers, which utilises a problem solving or innovative approach to demonstrate a positive contribution to care provision and service improvement.

The case study must address and meet each of the learning outcomes below:

1 Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the brain and integrate this into informed practice;

2 Critically evaluate the care of a person with dementia including the assessment, planning and implementation of multi-disciplinary interventions;

3 Demonstrate an awareness of ethical / moral / cultural / legal/ professional issues relating to the care and treatment of the person with dementia and their families / carers

4 Critically evaluate current evidenced based research in order to implement changes in practice which will enhance the care of the person with dementia and their carer.

How you meet these learning outcomes will depend on the nature of the case study and you can decide how you can best do this in consultation with the module lead at your tutorial, please do come prepared with some ideas.

Suggested format % marks and indicative word allocation
Introduction which identifies the scenario or chosen aspect of care of the person with dementia with an explanation (with reference to current literature) of its relevance to your area of practice

250 words
Provide a synopsis of the neurobiological features of the clinical presentation(s) with reference to, and a critical analysis of, the evidence base 20%

750 words

Provide a brief review and critical analysis of current evidence in relation to the chosen aspect of care. Discuss and evaluate this aspect of care applying evidence based practice.

750 words
With reference to the evidence base, critically discuss potential strategies to enhance the identified aspect of care incorporating and identifying any ethical, legal and organisational issues involved, with 2 recommendations for future practice.

1000 words
A conclusion which summarises the main points of your discussion

250 words


3,000 words

Specific Module Criteria Level 6

• Follows module and assignment specified criteria
• Demonstrates the ability to develop an enquiring, critical and reflective approach to patient care
• Application of evidence based care and a problem solving approach.

Academic referencing conventions
• Confidentiality and anonymity. These must be observed at all times in case study material, patient information or Trust details
• The word count – this should be no more than 3000 words and must be stated on the title sheet on submission
• The preparation and submission of all your module summative coursework and presentation.

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