Diseases Usually found in a meat packaging warehouse (Microbiology related)

Diseases Usually found in a meat packaging warehouse (Microbiology related)

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The class will be divided into 3-4 person groups. Each group will research a topic related to microbiologic science and offer a short (10 – 15 minute) presentation on the topic. The topics should not be available within the text book and should be information that is not offered within the course content. Each disease should be investigated as to epidemiology, causative agents, preventative measures, symptoms, pathogenesis, pathophysiology, and disease sequelae. Do not dwell on treatment options unless they seem particularly interesting. References are to be included. Groups should have their research project and outlines done a few weeks in advance of the presentation date. The presentations will be done on campus during the last scheduled lab. PowerPoint is required for your presentation. Know the subject well so as not to read your paper during presentation.

Choose a topic that is an everyday situation and then explore the microbiology behind it. Example: children’s day care. This would be a huge topic with many microorganisms; therefore, I would perhaps list the diseases in the introduction and then have each person focus on one of them (which ever one they find most interesting).

This concept is to work as a group (which you will be doing for the rest of your professional career). If a group member is not contributing, please let me know. Also, if each group member wants to present his or her work, that is fine. If the group chooses a single person to present, that is also fine.

There are many potential topics to explore. In order not to be redundant, post your topic in the discussion area.

Topic examples: Child care, Nursing homes, wound infections, airplanes, swimming pools and hot tubs, prions, diseases from your pet (dog, cat, horses, fish, turtles, etc.), diseases from kissing, locker room floors and showers, grocery carts, gardening, mosquito bites, ticks, deer and deer processing, needle sticks, hand shakes, nosocomial infections, gym equipment, bioterrorism update, MRSA, food recalls, out in the woods, cruise ship, IV drug use, AIDS update, kitchen cutting boards, hand sanitizer versus hand washing, tooth brush, computer key boards, CDC – what is it, WHO – what is it, bird Flu, swine Flu, or whatever you come up with or are interested in.

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