Document and analyze how Juror 8 turns the jury

Essay prompt: Analyze how Juror 8 “turns” his fellow jurors.This is to be an in-depth psychological analysis of the methods Juror 8 uses to persuade eleven other jurors to adopt his position.
Juror 8’s body language, attire, appearance, tone, inflection, approach, phrasing, and of course spoken rhetorical techniques are all areas you may address. In other words, everything about Juror 8 is fair game.
Essay format will be MLA: standard margins, size 12, Times New Roman, double-spaced, header (your last name and page number in upper right corner), heading (Name / Date / Eng 102–Davis / Analyze Movie), title centered below heading.
Essay length is a minimum of 4.5 pages, meaning it ends midway down page 5 on your word processor. (Note that the Sample Essay might be shorter.)
You must employ terminology from our textbook. I will be looking for these terms in particular: concessio, dubitatio, jujitsu, rhetorical questions, decorum, mood, blame, value, choice, virtue, phronesis, eunoia, volume control, backfire, litotes, proof, commonplace, induction, framing, fallacy, kairos, and ad hominem.
Movie and play titles go in italics.
Spell out low numbers (e.g., write “eleven jurors” instead of “11 jurors”).
Proofread and rewrite your essay multiple times, giving special attention to grammar/punctuation and organization.
The introduction must conclude with a thesis sentence stating the purpose of your essay.
Body paragraphs must open with transitions and topic sentences stating the main idea of the paragraph. Each body paragraph should close with a concluding sentence that wraps up / pulls together the major and minor supporting details you’ve espoused in that paragraph.
Body paragraphs must cite quotations. In MLA style, this means typing (page # of script) after the quotation if you’re using the movie script as the source, or typing (time of scene) after the quotation if you’re using the film as the source.
Your conclusion paragraph should wrap up Juror 8’s role on the jury. You may also include critical commentary or your opinion on the film itself, if you wish.
here are the video links:

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