EC for theater

EC for theater

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The topic of this paper is the Audience and their reactions. As always begin with the pertinent information about the performance

1) Performance information:
a. Name of play and playwright
b. Producing organization
c. Venue (name of the building/theatre where the performance took place)
d. Date of performance you attended
e. Director’s name
f. for Musicals; Composer and lyricist
2) Describe the performance space: how many people can it hold? Were all the seats full? What was the space like? Refer back to the unit on kinds of theatre spaces for your answers. Did the space create any kind of feeling about what kind of performance this would be?
3) Audience reactions: What did you observe about the audience and their reactions to the performance? What was going on before, during and after the performance? Did the reactions of others match yours?
4) Live performance: This quarter, you have seen performances live and on recorded media. How would the play have been different if it had not been performed live? What things might have been more effective? Less effective? Use specific examples form the play to support your opinions.
The paper should be a about 200 words, not including the Performance info.

I live in the Bay Area in California. So it should be on a local play that took place between May 1st to June 8th.

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