Econometrics Analysis on U.S. Economy

Econometrics Analysis on U.S. Economy

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My professor gave me notes that specific things should’ve been added to the document such as :
1/ the model Wes perfectly developed BUT
he pointed at “kalman filter/Hod-rick Prescott” to smooth out “GS” government spending to those filter then run the regression

2/Since it is time series data, test for serial correlation and make any correction needed.

3/ using av plot to check wether data linear-non linear
RVF plot of residual (random/not random)

4/ test for stationary variables, make any correction needed

5/ use Granger Causality

6/ specify the test used for heteroskedasticity and multicollinearity (VIF > 10, high multicollinearity) and make corrections for both

7/ format of the paper (abstract, literature review, and appendix are missing)

8/ conclusion should include an overall view over the model and how good the model is to predict GDP.

Basically the whole thing will be based on if there is any violation of the 6 basic assumptions of Gauss Markov theorem (test for it , correction if needed)
Note: You don’t have to copy regression result just write the regression analysis in the standard form.
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