Ethical Dilemmas Between Jehovahs Witnesses and blood transfusions is it a current nursing issue.

a 12 page ethical research paper including references. It has to be APA format and A narrow topicarea. these were the ideas my professor was given by me. It has to follow this format of ideas as seen below.

Ethical Issues: Autonomy versus Beneficence come to conflict when a doctor believes a transfusion is in the best interest of a patient, but patient refuses.

Nursing Practice: It is very common to care for patients with this religious belief education on this would be beneficial to all

Relevancy: Nurses need to be able to maintain a professional non bias opinion and respect a patients wishes

Interest of this topic: I was raised a Jehovah’s witness who no longer practices but my parents are still very religious and i will have to make there medical decisions and respect there wishes

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