Using the Online Library link under Student Resources, log in* and conduct a search to find a book, journal article, or news feed on any topic for this weeks software. You have broad leeway here, a topic can be from any questions below, a students response, or anything that is relevant to this weeks software.
You may search the Internet to find an article regarding Excel, this week’s application.Avoid articles older than 2007, tutorials, marketing ads and nameless blogs

In your own words, summarize the book (book summaries are available within the search engine) journal article, or news feed. If using a newsfeed, please post the URL (link) of the actual article.
You may post the URL to an article, etc., found on the Internet, as well, instead of citing the reference for your summary. When you cite the source, you should include the title, author and publisher information as discussed in Word chapter 3

Creating and Editing a Worksheet
Enhancing Worksheet w Graphics and Charts
Managing and Analyzing a Workbook

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