Feed by M. T. Anderson, 2002

Feed by M. T. Anderson, 2002

In Alchive’s essay on Dystopian Literature, from Teen Ink, he says that “Environmental and Technology Dystopian themes contrast each other . . . The prevalent idea behind both of these genres is that nature is good and technology is bad. Their purpose is to warn against the overdependence on technology that is becoming a problem” (par. 9).

For this response paper/initial post, write about the ways in which M. T. Anderson employs both environmental and technological themes in Feed. In doing so, you might consider one or more of the following questions:

What was your initial impression of the Feed? Did it seem like fun and interesting technology?

In relation to that, what was different about the way Titus and his friends function and interact with one another? What does the Feed technology allow them to do that we cannot?

How is the Feed used to distract people from larger problems of the outside world? How does the Feed change people’s ability to consume goods? How does it change the way they think about money? How reliable are the news and information sources on the Feed?

At what point in the novel do you start to become aware that there are major political tensions and environmental problems happening? What are some of those environmental problems and political tensions? What are some of the things that have happened to the environment, and what are the major world powers fighting over?

How does environmental contamination affect the characters of Feed? Their lifestyle? Their physical health?

Does Anderson give us any indication that there is hope for the society he creates in Feed? Is it possible for a society to be technologically advanced and to care for the environment, to depend on and use technology for good without being consumed by it? What is he cautioning us against in this tale?

As always, please remember to cite textual passages in order to support your remarks, and respond thoroughly to two of your colleagues.


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– http://www.mt-anderson.com/

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