folic acid doses for NTD

folic acid doses for NTD

Paper details:

1-This is a protocol template for a “systematic review” so this specific type of review is to be carefully considered

2-the systematic review is aiming to compare the efficacy of daily vs intermittent dosing regimens of folic acid to prevent neural tube defects(not any other birth defects or outcomes)

3-the full systematic review is to be fully completed (intermittently) by the same writer in the coming three months the protocol has to be realistic, of very high quality.

4-the completion of the (focused review question), search limits, sources to be searched, study selection, quality assessment strategy, data extraction and synthesis should be very careful after exhaustively skimming the literature and identifying the real scientific gaps in this topic

5-the timetable is to be planned from 10/06/16 to 10/09/16

6-please find attached the protocol sample + a cochrane review that is a good one to start with ( but the protocol still have to be written after exhaustive search)

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