Paper details:

Introduction Paragraph:
– General talk about the topic
– Set the the stage for the thesis

Body Paragraphs:
– Topic sentence should include no evidence or fact
– Reason why the thesis is correct
– Evidence (Citation after evidence)
– Analysis explaining how evidence proves argument
– Order evidence to create flow

Second Body Paragraph:
– Topic sentence
– Additional sentence to link back to evidence in previous paragraph
– Avoid words like first, second, last, finally

– Re-word thesis
– Re-cap all analysis to show argument is correct
– Link back to thesis to show argument proves thesis

Sentence Structure:
– Correct tense is used
– No personal pronouns
– No over use of commas

– Embed citation after each quote, or paraphrased idea
– Balance use of sources
– Work cited actually used in essay

– 12 font
– Double spaced
– Fully justified
– Indent each paragraph

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