Impacts of Big Data in Supply Chain Management

Individual Report
? Task Description
?It has been suggested that Big Data (also known as Data Mining) will have a large impact on the industries of Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Transportation and Commerce in general. You have been hired as a consultant to an enterprise in Supply Chain Management industries to write a report about the impact that Big Data could have on that industry.??In your report you will need to:
1. Explain the concept of Big Data in your own words. (10 pages)
2. Explain what analysis techniques are commonly used to work with Big Data.
3. Demonstrate how Big Data is used in the industry of your choice. In doing this you must collect data and ?create tables and charts to present your analysis.
4. Explain what impact this technique is having on your chosen industry and what you expect the impact will ?be in the future.
5. Make recommendations and offer policy suggestions for your chosen industry.
? In your response, you must cite relevant academic journal articles. The report should include the following:
1. Executive summary of no more than half a page,?
2. Table of contents,?
3. Body of the report (no more than 10 pages including tables and charts as needed),
4. Reference list,?
5. Appendices (if required).
? Assessment Criteria?
1. Conforming with instructions (e.g. word length, font, other instructions)
2. Presentation, communication & style (written)
No Plagiarism other than the university will dismiss any student who is doing so 🙁

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