Input Validation

Input Validation

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Assignment Preparation: Activities include watching the Microsoft Virtual Academy developer training course modules, watching the video, independent student reading, and research.
Watch Module 05, “Advanced C#, Type and Value Validation; Encryption Techniques,” of the Microsoft Virtual Academy “Programming in C# Jump Start,” developer training course.
Watch Module 06, “Splitting Assemblies and WinMD; Diagnostics and Instrumentation,” of the Microsoft Virtual Academy “Programming in C# Jump Start,” developer training course.
Watch “Debugging,” of the “C# Essential Training,” video.
Assignment: Design, implement, test, and debug a C# program to demonstrate input validation using regular expressions. The program should contain input fields for a customer name, a part number, an order quantity, and a unit cost. It may contain other fields that you might see on a typical order entry form, if you like. Please note that the use of masked textboxes is not acceptable. The program should validate at least one type of data of your choice – you are free to choose a commonly used data format such as Social Security Number (999-99-9999), or phone number (999-999-9999), or a custom format that you design. The program should also validate the part number in the following format: an 8 digit prefix consisting of capital letters or numbers followed by a dash followed by a two digit suffix that can only be zeroes or ones. Last the program should also perform a “sanity check” on one of the input fields. For instance, you could validate the order quantity to ensure it is not too large (such as greater than 500). This program must be a Windows Forms application. Be sure the interface is professional looking and intuitive to use for the novice end user.

Include identifying information in the form of block comments at the top of each class in the project (programmer name, date, program description). Include adequate comments throughout the program, utilize meaningful names for controls, variables, fields, and forms. Include white space for readability purposes in the code. Refer to the Individual Assignment grading form to view grading criteria.

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Microsoft Virtual Academy
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Individual Assignment Grading Form

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