Introduction to SPSS/Frequency

Introduction to SPSS/Frequency

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View the following:

SPSS for Beginners 1 — Introduction

SPSS for Beginners 2a: Frequency Counts

SPSS for Beginners 2b:
Descriptive Statistics and Z-scores

Graphing and Descriptive
Stats in SPSS With Dr. Ami Gates

Open SPSS and complete the following:

Obtain an output (as in the tutorials) with the following values
highlighted and upload it into LoudCloud:
Determine the statistics for each gender as follows:

Frequency Counts, Mean, Standard Deviation, Minimum, and Maximum

Graphing and Descriptive Stats in SPSS: Create a bar graph with gender
(axis X) and height (axis Y)
Upload the output into LC.

Data set:

Men: 74, 71, 75, 62

Female: 62, 68, 61, 71, 68, 80

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