Journal Article Evaluation

Journal Article Evaluation
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Follow each and everything from the assessment brief file where indicates the instructions and how to do the assessment details and also achieve all the marking criterions’ points, as well!

I have uploaded Summary and How to Summarize a Text( 8 criteria to meet) slides which you need to refer, apply, answer and follow throughout the work.
You also need to identify the purpose of the text, for example, is it informative or persuasive.,etc
* With summarizing, you don’t give conclusions or your own opinion/ideas!
* To just summarize with your own words (paraphrase) about what the author says or article is about, nothing else!
* Choose a business article less than 10 pages, ideal would be 5-6 pages or less.
* On the Journal Article, you and I really understand that what the article is about!-you only do the summary techniques, no synthesis or anything else..
-So please study well with the slides about summary!

By the way, this assessment could be related to the further assessments of 3 n 4, thus I also attach those assessments’ brief files to give you an idea, pls take a look at the topic there and choose a reliable n relevant article for this assessment if you can.

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