Machiavelli's"Moral of a prince" to the short story by George Ordwell

Topic: Machiavelli’s”Moral of a prince” to the short story by George Ordwell

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1)what is the moral delemma faced by George Orwell in “Shooting an elephant 2/what action does Orwell take and why? How does he justify his actions. In looking back his incident why does orwell conclude that he lied to himselfand others? 3/How did orwell try and fail in his attempt to be sucessful as aperson in power. 4)It is possible to be only “feared or loved” What mistake does aperson risk in mis reading this advice. What motivates these charecters. hOw can we compare this motivation to the motivation in Machiavelli’s. What does it suppose about human nature. Analyzeof one who needs to be respected, at what cost in Orwell. Analyze of one who needs to be loved at what cost in Miachiavelli’s. PLEASE HAVE 3 SECOND RECOURCES ON BOTH OF PAGE, AND ATTACHED TO EMAIL.

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