Management VBD Report

Management VBD Report
Order Description
This VBD Report requires to analyse and address the issue I have identified in my VBD brief (my previous assessment). The issue has been referred to the Management Group (of which I am a part) of the organisation by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Given my initial brief that identifies and outlines the issue (i.e., the ‘what’ question and its implications), the CEO is asking for a detailed report that examines the underlying reasons for the issue (the ‘why’?), how best to address the issue (the ‘how’?) and provide succinct recommendations for the business in moving forward. When completed, the report will be forwarded to the CEO for consideration

I will provide my VBD Brief assessment, the article which my brief was based from, and documents key to my marker’s preferred structure.

Please use headings as stated in the assessment sheet I will provide.

The five management functions (of which you need to compare two and present one that best suits my business) are: planning, controlling, organising, coordinating and commanding.

Recommendations must be no less than 2 and no more than 3.

Format: Ariel 11 or Times New Roman 12; 1.5 line spacing and a Word Document. Assignments which are 10 percent over or under the word limit of 1500 words will have marks deducted

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