Locate qualitative and quantitative research for this case study. Use in depth analysis and/or scientific methods illustrating “STRATEGIES” for successful employment as a potentially wealthy Consult. These tools MUST show how-to be gainfully employed as a consultant illustrating financial growth for stability and coupled with high expectations. The target audiences are CONSULTANTS and TEACHERS seeking advancement in their careers (10 STRATERGIES) for FINANCIAL INCREASE through strategies that will work in ANY state throughout the United States of America. The primary research should demonstrate a strong case in this comprehensive and compelling case study.

A reader should be able to understand this reading without having to read original published content. Therefore, summarize the case study. However, your analysis must go beyond this summary! For example,

1. What is the problem or conflict/ and what makes it interesting
2. Proven strategies (7-11) based off research for consultants getting work
3. Return is the lesson and stories

Summary should be 1 page in length.
Discuss the merits as well as deficits of the case study:
Hypothesis testable, operational make sense, independency of content should be visible and well-chosen.

Case study must be comprehensive, compelling, using strategies for employment, clear, use quotes, paraphrases, and metaphors/similes and smooth transitions.

Marketing Consultants and Teachers
Working Strategies for Growth

Grading Criteria Possible Points

Marketing 20
Advertising 15
Promotions 15
Segmentation and Penetration 10
Consumer Behavior 15
Positioning 10
Marketing Messages 10
Channels for Communication 10
Ethics and Leadership 10
Education Based Marketing 15
Proven Employment Strategies 20

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