If you have completed these activities as part of the ten hour per week commitment to studying this unit, most of the answers to the questions that follow will be copy and paste activities or brief answers at most.
1. What are the top ten spending cuts?
2. What are the top ten largest programs for expenditure?
3. Where does assistance to States for public hospital expenditure rank?
4. What is the problem with promises of extra expenditure for schools and health in 2017-19?
5. Why is the Australian economy so exposed to a China downturn?
6. Where does Australia stand in regard to national debt compared with other advanced economies in 2016?
7. In the most recent budget, why are uni students losers?
8. Why is small business a loser?
9. Why is health a loser?
10. What is still a mystery?
11. Why is government involved in health?
12. How much will the Federal government spend in the next financial year?
13. What does Social Security and Welfare expenditure fund?
14. List items under health.
15. How much is ATSI health expenditure? From Australia’s Health 2014, find the total number of ATSI in Australia, then express this expenditure as a per capita rate.
16. What are the top five revenue sources?
17. What is the difference between general revenue assistance and specific purpose payments?
18. What are NSPPs?
19. What new items are planned for the MBS?
20. What are health care homes?

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