NESPRESSO Resubmission

NESPRESSO Resubmission

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I’ve already placed an order here, but this assignment was not good, so I failed. So I need to resubmit the whole assignment again. The file which you need to improve now is “Resubmission Nespresso”, I have already uploaded it. Please use this file and change the things which my teacher said. Please incorparate the suggestions and guidelines of my teacher. I mention them at the bottom of this field paper requirements. The introduction and conclusion should be ok, but make sure it still fits to the content. But the main contents comperative analysis, social impact and evaluation of the used theories need to be done correctly! Also in the last section “what needs to be considered to enhance the business” the PESTEL analysis should not be used!
Now I will send you the general paper requirements:

Each student has to research and discuss two aspects. These two core areas should be interlinked as shown below, – in relation to their chosen company. This must be from a worldwide perspective and using relevant theory as a framework.
Structure of the Project
· Title page
· Introduction (500 words)
1) Research relevant academic models and literature and apply to your chosen company.
2) Comparative Analysis of the company’s competitive position in its various markets (1800 words)
3) What considerations should your company look at when trying to create Social Impact (1800 words)
4) In addition to the above, Critically evaluate and analyse academic theories related to your two chosen areas, and discuss what your company needs to consider to enhance their business. (1000 words)
· Conclusion linked to the earlier critical analysis (700 words)
Ø Total: approximately 5000 words
· Full bibliography/ reference list using the Harvard system

I failed this assignment and my teacher told me that I have failed it, because I have not underpinned my approach with theory, have not applied the theory and that I have not evaluated the theory. Furthermore I used the PESTEL in an inappropriate section.

So please use the same file “Resubmission Nespresso” and revise the content as well as the references list and make sure that it is correct now and that the suggestions and guidelines of my teacher are incorparated!

The suggestions and guidelines of my teacher are, that my project should be like this now: For the comparative analysis you need to look at how Nespresso operates in at least TWO different markets, so in TWO different countries. Use the theory Pestel 5 Forces for this, and make sure that you discuss the market in detail in the Rivalry section – describe competitors and market share.
In the social impact section use a model such as Caroll’s pyramid and/or stakeholder theory.
And then you need evaluate the theories, which you have used and discuss how useful they were in helping you understand the position of Nespresso.

At the end you also need to say something about what needs to be considered to enhance Nespresso’s business, but DO NOT use a model, just DISCUSS it.

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