Nurses as Knowledge Workers

Nurses as Knowledge Workers

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written assignment consists of a 3-4 page paper describing how nursing has evolved into a knowledge-based profession and how this contributes to supporting innovation in the workplace. APA format is required. Primary sources are preferred.

Please submit your paper as an attachment in a Word document

The following prompts are provided to guide the flow of the paper:

Introduce the concept of knowledge workers, and discuss how the changes in healthcare technology support the change of nursing from the role of caregiver (past) to critical thinker (future). Why are nurses as knowledge workers prepared to lead and support innovation?
How do the concepts of knowledge workers and innovation support other health initiatives, such as the IOM reports, the Patient Care Accountability and Affordability Act, Evidence-Based practice emphasis, and others? Tie in relevant initiatives you have studied in previous courses.
Discuss two or three steps you will personally make in the next two years to contribute to the professional initiatives you cited in the second prompt.

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