ompare between between two soccer two famous or basketball players in nutrition and muscles… why they are healther or why they bigger or why we need to hear about? why did you choice this topics? like that
1. Informative Speech assignment.
2. Read the assignment that i upload it.
3. I need outline alone
4. create a new page and write what i have to say in presentation
5. new power-point at lease 5 slides or more. it have to be comes at lease one slide of charts to compare in the survey and it should simple not to hard to read.
6. intro. body, councaltion
7. intro- i wanna make sure that my listener have more attention to me like play music or objects or ask question in the beginning. Then, tell them what my propose of my speech. After i tell them where i get my sources.
8. Body – Visual aids pic or video, interview, books, 3 quotes, survey , tell a story..
9. counclation why i need them to listen , and repeat intro.
10. Sources should be not only comes from the internet, ( Books, interview, story and etc)
11. if you need more time hit me up

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