Organization Development and Change management

Organization Development and Change management

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Chapter Seven Case Study: Foreign Auto Shop (Part 2)

Pages 183—184 of the Yukl textbook

The purpose of this case is to develop a greater understanding of the importance of flexible leadership in rapidly changing situations. This case illustrates how effective leaders adapt their behavior to the changing requirements of the situation, while continuing to show concern both for task objectives and interpersonal relationships. The case also demonstrates that an effective leader need not be a “heroic figure” who knows everything and solves all the organization’s problems without any assistance. Please be complete and specific when answering the questions in the case study. The questions required for this case are listed below, along with the number of points associated with each question:

Question #1 at the top of page 184:

Before answering this question, you may wish to review the section on “Guidelines for Adaptive Leadership” on pages 177—178 and the section on “Guidelines for Managing Immediate Crises” on pages 179—180 of the Yukl textbook. In your response to this question, please answer both parts listed in our text:

Part One: Describe Alan’s leadership style during the flood .

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