Origin & Impact of the Reformation

Origin & Impact of the Reformation

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Your study of the Reformation has included its origins with Luther and the reinterpretation of his views by other reformers, like Calvin and Zwingli, who moved beyond what Luther ever imagined with their religious views.

In a 4-6 page essay (1000-1500 words), develop your paper using the following as your guide:

In what ways was the Reformation the result of the ideas of the Renaissance?
How are Luther’s Ninety–Five Theses indicative of a decline in the authority of the papacy and church and the unquestioned primacy of religion in 16th century society?
The Reformation, although a religious movement, brought with it elements that could be construed as secularizing tendencies, including not only its critiques of Medieval spirituality and religiosity, but also its view that clerical celibacy was not superior to lay religiosity and that any individual should read and understand the Bible in his or her own way. So, how did an essentially religious movement contribute to the secularization of European society?

Include as much information as possible from your reading on the Reformation and northern humanism to discuss and analyze these questions. Support your opinion with properly cited information from your assigned reading and viewing.

mandatory source: Jonathan W. Zophy, A Short History of Renaissance and Reformation Europe (Pearson, 4th Edition)

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