Ottawa Winderlude Ice Sculptures

Select an art or design intervention in the public sphere to analyze. This is your opportunityto explore how aesthetic strategies and actions around the world engage discourses in technology, citizenship, identity, land use, health, privacy, and individual autonomy, to name a few areas of study.

Write a 1 page discussion of your research objective, including the intervention you are studying, its location (provide images when appropriate), the questions you are seeking to answer, and the way you plan to answer them. This should be an overview of your project – where you are going and how you plan to get there. Following this discussion of your project you should list the sources you will be using in standard bibliographic form.
The scholar who asks original or interesting questions rarely finds sources that give straight answers. S/he is an investigator, piecing together the story from all angles. Sources might include the intervention itself, which may be experienced in person or through drawings and photographs; primary documents, such as contemporary descriptions; and secondary materials, such as audience accounts, articles, and monographs.

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